The Daoist Foundation arose out of our interest in fostering Daoist community and a concern for preserving authentic Daoist practices, source texts and cultural materials. As Daoism shifts its borders from a local indigenious Chinese religion to a world-wide contemplative practice and religious path, the importance of providing authentic resources and practices grows increasingly significant. At the Daoist Foundation we nurture and preserve Daoist culture through the transmission of time-honored practices and principles. Towards this end, the Daoist Foundation provides integrated instruction in Yangsheng, meditation, and textual study. In addition, we offer community outreach and education for those interested in inter-religious dialogue and contemplative practices.

The Daoist Foundation promotes a supportive learning environment that encourages cultivation, relaxation and understanding. We currently have three associations established in the U.S.: the Gallagher Cove Daoist Association located in Olympia, Washington, the Floating Bridge Daoist Association located in San Diego, California and the Red Bird Lodge located on the North Shore of Chicago, Illinois. Each association offers workshops and retreats in Daoist practice. Please subscribe to the Daoist Foundation mailing list or check online for upcoming classes and workshops.

  • Daoist Practice & Principles
  • Yangsheng Classes
  • Meditation Instruction
  • Textual Study
  • Daoist Retreats & Workshops
  • Contemplative Studies
  • Seasonal Dietetics
  • Women's Cultivation

Foundational Practices

Standing Meditation (jingzhan 靜站): Empty standing, also referred to as "post standing" (zhanzhuang 站樁)- includes Three Elixir Field Standing.

Yangsheng 養生: Health and longevity practice. Time-tested Qigong 氣功 sets that assist in healing and transformation.

Daoyin 導引: Guided Stretching, breath-work, and self-massage. 

Seasonal Dietetics & Medicinal Cooking: Energetics of medicinal foods and recipes based on the seasons.

Seated Meditation: Daoist quiet sitting (jingzuo 靜坐), also known as "guarding the One" (shouyi 守一) and "sitting-in-forgetfulness" (zuowang 坐忘).

Lundao 論道: Community talks exploring foundational texts, principles and views integral to Daoist practice and ways of life.